Weed Watch: Kochia



Kochia is one of the earliest summer annual broadleaf weeds that germinates in the spring — and it continues to germinate throughout the growing season.1


Kochia is notorious — for being a troublesome weed across the Great Plains and western U.S.1,2


This problematic weed is known to reduce soybean yields by 30% 3


Young Plants

Distinguishable by their small rosette shape, young plants also have lance-shaped, pale green leaves that are covered in hairs.4


Mature Plants

Kochia can grow to a bushy plant, up to 6 feet high.1,5


Seed Pain Points

Seeds are numerous as — each plant can produce up to 30,000 SEEDS, which can germinate at shallow depths within 2-3 hours and stay viable in the soil for up to two years.1,6

The evolution of herbicide-resistant and tough-to-control kochia is rapid, and short-term weed control for one season using one herbicide site of action won't do the job of preventing the addition of resistant seeds to the soil bank. Controlling kochia requires a long-term strategy that includes using residual herbicides with overlapping sites of action in a diversified weed management program.1,2

Keys to Managing Kochia1,2

  1. Rotate crops

    to diversify herbicide programs and weed control strategies.

  2. Start clean

    with a burndown herbicide or tillage.

  3. Apply a pre-emergence residual application,

    using a residual product within 2 weeks before planting or prior to crop emergence.

  4. Apply a postemergence application to target small weeds early,

    before weeds grow taller than 4 inches.

  5. Prevent Seed Production.

    If weeds escape, use tillage or physically remove them before plants produce seed.

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