Weed Watch: Giant Ragweed


Giant Ragweed

Giant ragweed is a fierce competitor — as one of the tallest annual weeds, it is extremely competitive for light and very difficult to control in many broadleaf crops. Complicated further by its emergence throughout the growing season and tolerance to many management tactics, it's important to control this weed before it controls your fields.1,2,3


Giant ragweed is native to North America and commonly found throughout the United States.4,5,6


Just one plant per 110 square feet reduced soybean yields by 50% 2

Keys to Managing Giant Ragweed1, 3, 4

  1. Rotate crops

    to diversify herbicide programs and weed control strategies.

  2. Start clean

    with a burndown herbicide or tillage.

  3. Apply a pre-emergence residual application,

    using a residual product within 2 weeks before planting or prior to crop emergence.

  4. Apply a postemergence application to target small weeds early,

    before weeds grow taller than 4 inches.

  5. Prevent Seed Production.

    If weeds escape, use tillage or physically remove them before plants produce seed.

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