What You Need to Know About Dicamba Training

To ensure proper application of dicamba that is in compliance with EPA, state rules and product label restrictions, you are required to complete mandatory training each year. In this guide, we’ll answer frequently asked questions about the annual dicamba training requirement so you can confidently purchase and apply dicamba for the coming season.

Dicamba Training FAQ

Why do dicamba products require training?

Federal registrations for restricted use pesticides require that prior to applying these products, the applicator must complete dicamba or auxin-specific training. Requiring applicators to complete mandatory training is intended to ensure all label requirements for use are followed.

By completing training and following label requirements, we can help ensure that farmers can continue to benefit from dicamba for years to come.

Which dicamba products require training?

Currently, there are four dicamba products that are registered for over-the-top application on dicamba-tolerant soybeans and cotton that require mandatory training due to being a restricted use pesticide. These include:

  • XtendiMax® herbicide with VaporGrip® Technology
  • FeXapan® herbicide Plus VaporGrip® Technology
  • Engenia® herbicide
  • Tavium® Plus VaporGrip® Technology

How do I know if I need to complete dicamba training?

If you’re planning on applying a restricted use pesticide, federal law requires annual dicamba or auxin-specific training prior to purchase and/or application. More information on mandatory dicamba training can be found here.

I have a certified applicator license. Do I still need to complete dicamba training?

Yes. Dicamba training is different from certified applicator training and does not replace the requirements needed to receive or maintain a certified applicator license. To be eligible to participate in the training and spray dicamba, you have to already be a certified applicator.

However, it is possible your state could include dicamba or auxin-specific training in their certified applicator training. For information and to ensure you’re in compliance, contact your state pesticide agency. To find contact information, see the National Pesticide Information Center.

I’m planning on applying XtendiMax herbicide. When do I need to have training completed?

There is no cutoff for training, but dicamba or auxin-specific training must be completed prior to applying any approved low volatility dicamba products each year. Find your state’s dicamba application cutoff date here.

Note: Application requirements vary by state, and training is not a substitute for the product label or any state and local requirements. Ensure you are licensed and in compliance prior to application.

How do I complete dicamba training?

There are a variety of ways you can complete training, including in-person events, online training and live webinars. Certain states require that an applicator complete training conducted by the state. If you're planning to apply a restricted use pesticide, check with your local state pesticide agency for specific state requirements.

For states that do not require that training be conducted by the state, Bayer and other registrants offer live webinars and online training. Bayer-sponsored in-person training will resume in time for the 2021 spraying season.

Browse and pre-register for live webinars here.

Find online training here.

One of the label requirements is to maintain proof of completed training. How do I make sure I’m in compliance?

Once you’ve successfully completed training, a certificate will be provided to you that you must keep as a record.

I would prefer to hire a custom applicator. Where can I find one?

Locate applicators in your area here.

For more answers to dicamba frequently asked questions, visit roundupreadyxtend.com or the XtendiMax Application Requirements page.