Overview of Application Requirements*

XtendiMax® Herbicide with VaporGrip® Technology 

Application requirements for XtendiMax® herbicide with VaporGrip® Technology, a restricted use pesticide, are intended to help maximize weed control with on-target applications and minimize the potential of off-target movement.

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Mandatory Training


Mandatory Training

Prior to using, the user MUST complete dicamba-specific training for certification on an annual basis.

Record Keeping


Record Keeping

Records MUST be created within 72 hours of every application. Records MUST be kept for two years.


VaporGrip Xtra Agent 

Required Adjuvants

For EVERY application, an approved volatility reduction adjuvant MUST be included in the spray solution. An approved drift reduction adjuvant MUST also be included unless otherwise indicated on the website. Search the full list of approved volatility reduction adjuvants.

XtendiMax® Herbicide with VaporGrip® Technology 

Application Rate and Timing

Apply 22 fluid ounces per acre for any single pre-emergent or in-crop application in:

  • Cotton with XtendFlex® Technology up to and including July 30.
  • Soybean with Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® Technology or XtendFlex® Technology up to and including June 30. Applications after R1 are prohibited as crop response may occur.

Spray Volume

Apply in a minimum of 15 gallons of spray solution per acre.


Tank Mixing

Use only approved tank-mix partners. DO NOT TANK MIX WITH AMS. Please refer to all product labels to determine mix order or perform a mix compatibility test. Search the full list of approved tank-mix partners.

Application Equipment


Spray System Equipment Cleanout

Ensure the entire sprayer system is properly cleaned before AND after application using a triple rinse procedure.



Use only approved nozzles within specified pressures as found on the website.


Spray Boom Height

DO NOT exceed a boom height of 24 inches above the target pest or crop canopy.


Ground Speed

DO NOT exceed 15 mph.

Environmental Conditions


Wind Speed

Apply when wind speed, measured at boom height, is 3-10 mph.



DO NOT spray during an inversion. Only spray between one hour after sunrise and two hours before sunset.



Apply ONLY if rain that may exceed soil field capacity and result in soil runoff is NOT expected in the next 48 hours.

Downwind Requirements


Adjacent Sensitive Crops and Certain Plants

DO NOT SPRAY when wind is blowing toward adjacent sensitive crops and/or certain plants as defined on the label.


Downwind Buffer

After determining no adjacent sensitive crops and/or certain plants are downwind, maintain a 240-foot downwind buffer in non-ESA counties.


Endangered Species

Consult Endangered Species Protection Bulletins for ESA counties and restrictions.

Optional Use of Drift Reduction Technology


Drift Reduction Technology

Use of qualified hooded/shielded broadcast sprayers results in a reduced downwind buffer distance of 110 feet in Non-ESA counties.

For incidence of non-performance or off-target movement or for questions regarding buffer requirements or sensitive crop registries, call 1-844-RRXTEND.

For best results, spray weeds that are less than 4 inches tall.

Visit XtendiMaxApplicationRequirements.com for approved tank-mix partners, nozzles, qualified DRTs and labels.

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