Annual Mandatory Training for Approved Dicamba Formulations

Annual Mandatory Training for Approved Dicamba Formulations

The federal registrations require that prior to applying approved dicamba formulations, the applicator must complete training.

State Required Training

Certain states require that an applicator complete training conducted by the state. If you are applying an approved dicamba formulation in one of the following states, you must attend that state's mandatory training: Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina. Please check with your state pesticide regulatory agency for training and application requirements imposed by your state.

Start Your Training!

Bayer is offering online training in states that do not require training to be provided by the state. Check if your state accepts online training and start the online module below.

At this time, the following states do NOT allow Bayer-sponsored online training: AR, FL, GA, MS and NC. Applicators in these states can find additional training opportunities and resources below. 

Due to current conditions facing large gatherings during this time period, we regrettably inform you that the remaining Bayer-sponsored public Training Meetings are being cancelled. We encourage you to determine whether your state accepts online training and take our module. Bayer hopes that this is not an inconvenience to you, but your safety and the safety of our communities is very important to us.

Online Training Module - (English and Spanish)

This qualifies for training in certain states. 

Additional Training Opportunities and Resources

For additional training opportunities that meet the EPA training requirements and additional training resources visit the links listed below:




  • Please note that applicators in the state of Georiga only need to attend their state's mandatory training every other year. More details are available in the Georgia 24(c) label.

Illinois Events:

Iowa Events:

This is not a substitute for the product label or any state and local regulations. For more information, please visit