XtendiMax® Herbicide with VaporGrip® Technology

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XtendiMax® Herbicide with VaporGrip® Technology  

Advanced Weed Control at Work in Your Fields

XtendiMax® herbicide with VaporGrip® Technology, a restricted use pesticide, features multiple benefits that help provide weed control on even your toughest acres.

Why It Works


Up to 14 Days of Soil Activity*

Provides up to 14 days of soil activity* on certain small-seeded broadleaf weeds including palmer amaranth, waterhemp and marestail. Combine XtendiMax herbicide with residual herbicides as part of a complete weed management program.


Superior Weed Control

Made for tough-to-control weeds such as Palmer amaranth, waterhemp, kochia and marestail. The combination of XtendiMax herbicide and Roundup® brand agricultural herbicides controls more weeds than any other system.**


Low-Volatility Formulation

VaporGrip Technology provides a significant reduction in volatility potential compared to generic dicamba formulations currently on the market today. VaporGrip Technology provides applicators confidence in their on-target application of dicamba in combination with application requirements.

Power in the Pre

XtendiMax herbicide with VaporGrip Technology vs. Enlist One® herbicide 

XtendiMax herbicide provides up to 14 days of soil activity* on certain small-seeded broadleaf weeds. See the difference that long-lasting soil activity can make below.

The Competition
XtendiMax herbicide

XtendiMax® herbicide

PRE: XtendiMax herbicide (22 fl/oz) + Warrant® Ultra herbicide (48 fl/oz)
Early POST: XtendiMax® herbicide (22 fl/oz) + Roundup PowerMAX® herbicide (32 fl/oz) + Warrant® herbicide (48 fl/ozA)
Late POST: Liberty® herbicide (32 fl/oz) + AMS (2.5% V/V)

Enlist One® herbicide

PRE:Enlist One® herbicide (24 fl/oz) + Sonic® herbicide (4 fl/oz)
Early POST: Enlist One® herbicide (24 fl/oz) + Liberty® herbicide (32 fl/oz) + Dual II Magnum® herbicide (16 fl/oz) + AMS (2.5% V/V)
Late POST: Durango® DMA® herbicide (36 fl/oz) + AMS (2.5% V/V)

Renville, MN
Planting Date: 5/1/20 | Application Date: 5/1/20 | Image taken: 9/17/20

*Results may vary, depending on rainfall and soil type. Always use dicamba with traditional residual herbicides in pre-emergence and postemergence applications that have different, effective sites of action, along with other Diversified Weed Management Practices including the use of glyphosate.


VaporGrip Technology

VaporGrip Technology gives you extended application flexibility before, at and after planting. It is designed specifically for the Roundup Ready Xtend Crop System for in-crop use with Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® soybeans and cotton with XtendFlex® technology.


The Science That Makes It Work

When any dicamba formulation is dissolved in a tank, there is potential for dicamba acid to form and create off-target movement of dicamba through volatility after spraying.* VaporGrip Technology reduces the association of hydrogen molecules with dicamba, effectively reducing dicamba’s volatility potential.


Choose the System That Means Results

Choose the system that gives you advanced weed control and yield potential.

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