The 2021 Spray Early With Confidence Weed Control Guarantee

This season, we’ve got your back with our Spray Early With Confidence Weed Control Guarantee. If you follow the program details of the Spray Early With Confidence Weed Control Guarantee and experience less than commercially acceptable performance on labeled weeds*, then you could receive up to $15/acre toward an additional application.**

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Spray Early With Confidence

Your Weed Management Recommendations

We now have a new tool available that recommends weed management strategies specific to your state/region. Just select your state and crop and the tool will break down a weed management strategy into a step-by-step process that details what products to use and when to use them.

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The Tools You Need for a Successful Spray

We’ve made spraying simpler for you with these four easy to use tools to help you have a successful spray.

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Bayer PLUS Rewards Calculator

Estimate your total rewards with the Bayer PLUS Rewards Incentive Calculator.

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