When you start the season clean with a before or at planting application of XtendiMax™ herbicide with VaporGrip™ Technology (a restricted use pesticide) you can set yourself up for season-long results. And with our Spray Early Weed Control Guarantee, you can experience the added assurance of guaranteed control. Find out if your weed management strategy qualifies by taking a short quiz.

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Why Spray Early?

Farmers from all over the country are talking about the excellent results they've had from spraying early. By applying XtendiMax herbicide at or before planting, you'll be able to control 335+ weed species when used with XtendFlex soybeans.* Additionally, spraying early may reduce the need for future herbicide applications later in the year.

Don't just take our word for it. Hear from Illinois farmer Cory Utterback on his results with spraying early.

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Three Steps to Spraying Early

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Step One: Start Clean

Start with an appropriate burndown herbicide at labeled rate or tillage, then apply XtendiMax herbicide before or at planting with a residual with at least two modes of action.

  • If you need help creating a weed management plan, use our Weed Management Tool to get a recommended plan that is specific to your area.
  • If you plan on using an approved applicator, you can connect with one in your area by using our Find an Applicator tool.
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Step Two: Stay Clean

Make a POST application when weeds are less than four inches tall and within 30 days of planting your soybeans. To qualify for the Spray Early Weed Control Guarantee, this post pass will need to include Warrant® Herbicide or Warrant Ultra Herbicide, + Roundup PowerMAX® herbicide or Roundup WeatherMAX® herbicide and a glufosinate.

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Step Three: Enjoy Your Clean Fields

Because of your early season commitment to starting clean, now you can enjoy your soybeans yield potential and strong weed control.

See if You Qualify For Guaranteed Weed Control

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With the 2023 Spray Early Weed Control Guarantee, you can get the most out of early season applications of XtendiMax herbicide. Take a short quiz to see how much you could qualify for based on your weed management strategy.

You could qualify for up to $26/acre

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Brad Dodds
New London, Iowa

“Our experience with pre-emergence spraying, it is a must. You have to get ahead of the weeds.”

Listen as Brad discusses how spraying early with XtendiMax herbicide plays a vital role in a successful season.

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Cory Utterback
Robinson, Illinois

“How we like to use the XtendiMax herbicide program is it's part of the upfront pass that we make.”

Listen as Cory goes into detail about the weed control he's seeing in his fields this season and how spraying early has set him up for success at harvest.

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Jerry Seuntjens
Kingsley, Iowa

“By starting clean, I know that I'm not going to have any weeds later on.”

For Jerry, early season weed control is very, very important. Listen as he discusses how spraying early with XtendiMax herbicide has helped his crops avoid weed competition which led to a successful harvest.

Hear More About Spraying Early

Spray Early Weed Control Guarantee Details

Guarantee Details

Our Spray Early Weed Control Guarantee has two options called Start Clean and Stay Clean. Start Clean covers qualifying before or at planting applications for up to 21 days, and Stay Clean covers qualifying post-emergence applications for up to 30 days. Combined, these options offer over seven weeks of critical early season coverage.

We're confident that spraying early can give you the control you need to see success in your soybean fields. However, if you follow all program requirements and still experience less than commercially acceptable performance on labeled weeds, Bayer will pay up to $26/acre to assist on additional application.1

Download Requirements and Details

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Spray Early Weed Control Guarantee Summary - North Central Region


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Spray Early Weed Control Guarantee Summary - Southern Region


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