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Micah Rone

Portageville, MO | Soybeans

Rone Farm

Farm Details

Soil Type

Sandy Loam


Adjacent Crops

Non-dicamba Soybeans, Rice, Corn, Cotton

Row Spacing

Crop Rotation


Weed Pressure


Irrigation & Tillage

Not irrigated

No tillage


I enjoy what this technology brings. It not only makes things easier, but it makes me more productive.

Micah Rone


The weed pressure is there. But, you can really take control of it with dicamba & Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® soybeans.

Micah Rone


With the Roundup Ready PLUS® platform, you are farming smarter. You are making sure you have different modes of action out there to control all weeds, not just grass, not just a pigweed, not just broadleaf or anything, you are controlling all weeds.

Micah Rone


Glyphosate-resistant pigweed is a tough one to kill. The key is pre-emerge herbicides, because if you do not stop it from coming up, a lot of people hire people to come in and chop. The Roundup Ready® Xtend Crop System will provide me another tool to control pigweed.

Micah Rone


I have watched dicamba as a burndown and it works, but it is really cool to get to watch it as an in-crop application work. It takes an awful big headache away.

Micah Rone


I hate driving around a farm and seeing a big 'ol pigweed sticking up out in the middle of the field. This is going to help control that pigweed.

Micah Rone

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