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Kirk Martin

Mason City, IL | Soybeans

Martin Farm

Farm Details

Soil Type

Black Gumbo


Adjacent Crops

Non-dicamba Soybeans, Corn

Row Spacing


Crop Rotation

60/40 Corn and Soybeans

Weed Pressure

Marestail, Waterhemp and Ragweed

Irrigation & Tillage

Not irrigated

No tillage


I feel that I need the Roundup Ready® Xtend Crop System on this farm to give me more options to combat the potential risk of resistant weeds.

Kirk Martin


What I saw with the Roundup Ready® Xtend Crop System is incredible weed control.

Kirk Martin


When you get done spraying 4 inch weeds or less and you drive out to where you'd already sprayed, giant ragweed, lambsquarter, marestail, all those weeds are already starting to kink over.

Kirk Martin


The residual herbicides, for me, are taking priority. Five years ago I was just spraying Roundup® brand agricultural herbicides over and over. Now I'm starting to use residual trying to keep my field consistently cleaner the entire season.

Kirk Martin


In my mind, multiple modes of action is the best thing that I can do.

Kirk Martin


I had no problems. You have to pay attention to the wind and the weather a little more than you do with your other products. But as long as we paid attention, we had great success with it.

Kirk Martin


Any weeds that escape produce a seed. If you can stop them from making a seed you just stopped years of more seeds to come.

Kirk Martin


Roundup® brand agricultural herbicides have been the base of weed control programs for a lot of years. If we can throw different modes of action out there and keep the weeds guessing, you keep them under control.

Kirk Martin

Crop PhD

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