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Kevin Gerlach

Nevada, IA | Soybeans

Gerlach Farm

Farm Details

Soil Type

Sandy Loam

Adjacent Crops

Non-dicamba Soybeans

Row Spacing

Crop Rotation

50/50 Corn and Soybeans

Weed Pressure

Waterhemp, Velvetleaf, Lambsquarter and Cuckleburr

Irrigation & Tillage

Not irrigated

No tillage


I don't want people to abuse this technology and in four years we're going to have resistance to dicamba. I want everybody to be informed on how to use proper rates and continue to use residual herbicides and multiple modes of action.

Kevin Gerlach


Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® soybeans and dicamba has given us an option to control the waterhemp.

Kevin Gerlach


Weeds are a major economic problem for us, but it still has to yield.

Kevin Gerlach


We need multiple modes, pre, post, all different modes and I think that's the wave of the future.

Kevin Gerlach


We have a waterhemp problem and there is really nothing that's controlling it season long and when I heard dicamba was going to be an option, I wanted to get on board and try it.

Kevin Gerlach


To be one of the first to try Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® soybeans is exciting… And when you have a clean field compared to everybody else — it's a pride thing. It's very nice to have a clean field.

Kevin Gerlach


Well, it is important to start clean and stay clean. If you can stay on top of it before it gets away from you, you are always better off.

Kevin Gerlach


The main weed species concerns were probably going to be waterhemp, lambsquarters or velvetleaf. And with dicamba, I think we can control all of those very easily.

Kevin Gerlach


We are pretty happy with the results with emergence with weed pressure. We have had an exceedingly high amount of rain. So you would expect the weed species to get away from us. With our pre down, it has held pretty good. And now that we are going to apply dicamba today, I feel pretty confident that we will have the weed species under control.

Kevin Gerlach


At this point we are very pleased. With all the rain that we have had, the beans look good. So Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® soybeans look very promising.

Kevin Gerlach


After the application today, I am looking for clean field at crop canopy. Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® soybeans give me the confidence that I do not have to worry about this field anymore.

Kevin Gerlach

Crop PhD

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