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Chris Porter

Matthews, MO | 2015 Grower

Porter Farm

Farm Details

Soil Type


Adjacent Crops

Non-dicamba Soybeans

Row Spacing


Crop Rotation

Cotton / Corn / Soy

Weed Pressure

Palmer Pigweed


Irrigation & Tillage

Furrow irrigation

Minimal tillage


The crop has come up very well. We saw very good emergence this year. We had some really good weather for it to come racing up out of the ground.

Chris Porter


Palmer pigweed and the marestail — that's your biggest problem. They're the major reason I joined this program was to try to find another way to get rid of those weeds.

Chris Porter


I'm 100 percent confident in my abilities to use the information given to me of how to apply this product to keep it from getting off target.

Chris Porter


My Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® soybean fields have started out much cleaner. I've already seen some weed growth in my non-GMO fields that I don't have in my Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® soybean fields.

Chris Porter


I am very confident that it's going to work because I've seen it work in the past. I'm very aware of what it can do and how much it'll help the operation.

Chris Porter

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