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Mike Jordan

Gordon, AL | Cotton

Jordan Brothers Farm

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Non-dicamba Cotton

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80% Irrigated


With the dicamba, you are going to have to be predictable about spraying. We grow cucumbers also. It does not scare me; you just have to use a little common sense to make sure that the dicamba stays where you put it.

Mike Jordan


When you are spraying, you are watching for wind speed and wind gusts. You need to pick your days.

Mike Jordan


You need to start clean because if you do not start clean with pigweeds you will not ever be clean because once they get up above boot tall high, you cannot kill them with anything.

Mike Jordan


You need multiple modes of action in herbicides to eliminate resistance and different weeds take different modes to control. It is not like it used to be – used to kill everything with Roundup® brand agricultural herbicides – you can not do that anymore.

Mike Jordan


We really need the Roundup Ready® Xtend Crop System. Weeds are very tough to control. In the past, this same operation was growing 600 acres of cotton, now we are growing 2,600 acres of cotton. It allows us to cover more acres with less labor.

Mike Jordan

Crop PhD

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